The Liturgical Meaning of Holy Week

Dear Brethren & Friends of St Elizabeth’s,

Now that we have completed  the 40 days of the Lenten Fast, it is time for us to transition from our Lenten “preparation” to “participation” in the Our Lord’s Passion and Resurrection during Holy Week. Attendance at the divine services is essential in this endeavor. In addition to the link below of the Holy Week Schedule of Services is a short essay to help in the understanding of the divine services entitled, “The Liturgical Meaning of Holy Week.” May this help you in your “participation” this Holy Week.

Holy Week Schedule 2018

A Liturgical Explanation of Holy Week

With much love in Christ,
Fr Mark











Friday, March 30
6:30pm: Matins for Lazarus Saturday

Lazarus Saturday, March 31

9:40am: Hours & Liturgy
5:30pm: Vigil & Blessing of Palms

Palm Sunday, April 1

9:40am: Hours & Liturgy
4:00pm: Bridegroom Matins

Holy Monday, April 2
6:30pm: Bridegroom Matins

Holy Tuesday, April 3

6:30pm: Bridegroom Matins

Holy Wednesday, April 4

6:30pm: Matins for Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday, April 5

10:00am: Vesperal Liturgy (Mystical Supper)
6:30pm: Matins w/ Passion Gospels

Holy Friday, April 6

9:00am: Royal Hours & Typika
1:30pm: Vespers w/ Taking Down from the Cross
6:30pm: Matins w/ Lamentations

Holy Saturday/Annunciation, April 7

10:00am: Vesperal Liturgy

1:00pm: Holy Saturday Lenten Meal

Saturday, April 7:
11:30pm – Midnight Office; Procession; Matins; Liturgy; Blessing of Baskets

(Pascha service extends into the early morning hours of Sunday, April 8)

Pascha Sunday, April 8
2:00pm: Agape Vespers
3:00pm: Pascha Cookout & Egg Hunt