Holy Week Schedule – 2015

Friday, April 3
8:00am: Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts
6:15pm: Matins of Lazarus Saturdayphoto

Lazarus Saturday, April 4
9:40am: Hours & Liturgy
5:30pm: Vigil & Blessing of Palms

Palm Sunday, April 5
9:40am: Hours & Liturgy
12:00pm: Potluck Fish Meal
4:00pm: Bridegroom Matins

Holy Monday, April 6
6:30pm: Vigil (Annunciation)

Holy Tuesday/ANNUNCIATION, April 7
8:00am: Vesperal Liturgy (Annunciation)
6:30pm: Bridegroom Matins

Holy Wednesday, April 8
6:30pm: Matins of Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday, April 9
9:00am: Vesperal Liturgy (Mystical Supper)
6:30pm: Matins of Holy Friday w/ Passion Gospels

Holy Friday, April 10
9:00am: Royal Hours & Typika
2:00pm: Vespers w/ Taking Down from the Cross
5:30pm: Matins of Holy Saturday w/ Lamentations & Procession

Holy Saturday, April 11
9:00am: Vesperal Liturgy
12:00pm (noon): Meal of Bread, Fruits, Nuts

Saturday, April 11:
11:30pm: Midnight Office; Procession; Matins; Liturgy; Blessing of Baskets

Pascha Sunday, April 12
12:00pm (noon): Agape Vespers
1:30pm: Pascha Picnic & Egg Hunt

Bishop George performs Farewell Visit to St. Elizabeth Church

23On Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of February, on the great feast of the Meeting of the Lord and the Sunday of the Dread Judgment, His Grace, Bishop George, performed his last archpastoral visit to St. Elizabeth the New-Martyr Church in Columbia, SC as Bishop of Mayfield. His Grace was recently appointed to be the Bishop of Canberra, vicar of the Australian & New Zealand Diocese. Coming to Columbia directly after a two-week trip to Russia and the Ukraine, Bishop George led the All-Night Vigil and Divine Liturgy.

At Liturgy, His Grace was co-served by rector Archpriest Mark Mancuso, Archpriest Alexander Logunov (rector of the Church of the Reigning Mother of God in Charlotte, NC), parish Deacon Columba Wilson, and Deacon Jeremiah Davis (cleric of Holy Cross Monastery in Wayne, WV). During the Little Entrance, Fr. Mark was awarded the palitsa in recognition of his priestly care for the parish and his work for the Eastern American Diocese.

Upon completion of the Liturgy, the parish presented Bishop George with a beautiful velvet eagle rug (orletz) in gratitude for his kindness over the past seven years of his episcopacy, and offered well-wishes for his newly assigned see in Australia.

The festal Meatfare meal was served by the parish brotherhood, after which His Grace gave an informal talk about his life on Mount Athos and his associations with the newly glorified Saint Paisios. In addition, he answered questions from the faithful about everything from book recommendations, the prayer life, and confession, to the current events transpiring in the Ukraine.

Before his departure, some of the young girls of the parish presented Bishop George with small bouquets of roses.

Courtesy of the Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese

October 27, 2014 Columbia, SC: “I never imagined our church would have come this far in so short a time.” – A Chronicle of Parish History at St. Elizabeth’s Church

columbia.lg3_smallIndeed, it is not the biggest or the tallest, but it is without a doubt the newest dome erected on top of an Orthodox church in the state. It isn’t visible from major thoroughfares, or a landmark in the downtown area of Columbia, South Carolina, but the six-foot dome and the six-foot cross blazes brightly in the morning sun on top of the church of St. Elizabeth the New-Martyr in a cozy, humble neighborhood just west of the state capital. The neighbors, mostly retirees and blue-collar families, were quick to share their opinion of the sparkly blue and gold dome on what was the plain, 1970s non-denominational church building that sat drearily vacant for several years before being bought by this small ROCOR community. They love it.

When the parish of St. Elizabeth the New-Martyr (founded 17 years ago in my living room) decided to buy this building, we were on the verge of losing our storefront church, even though at the time we didn’t know it. This listing came to our attention, and providentially fit all of our requirements, including parking, an additional small building that could serve as a parish hall with a large kitchen, several bathrooms, and possibly adjacent land on which to build a proper church someday.

However, everyone’s high hopes were squashed upon walking into the church building for the first time. From the outside there seemed potential, but upon walking in and seeing the ugly grey-blue carpet, the long pews, the unnaturally bright florescent light fixtures attached to a low ceiling, and windows covered by weird vertical blinds, there seemed to be very little hope of transforming this dark interior into a temple worthy of calling itself Orthodox.

I should back up. There was one person whose optimism nearly drove everyone else to think he was crazy. That person was my husband, our rector, Archpriest Mark Mancuso. Once he pulled up a corner of the carpet and discovered the nearly perfect oak hardwoods beneath, there was no changing his mind.

The pews were removed; the carpet was pulled up and those awful blinds were taken away from the windows. It was then that the interior of the building became a blank slate for the imagination. Plans were drawn up for building an iconostasis, knocking out a wall for a candle-room, and building another wall for the narthex. Despite their former doubt, the people of the parish finally began to see the potential Fr. Mark had seen in this place all along.

Between that day and this, such a transformation has taken place that our neighbors don’t even recognize what were once the four white-washed walls they called their neighborhood church. Walking in, there are vibrant colors from floor to ceiling and a brightness from the windows on the right and left of the nave. What were the only things of architectural interest in the rectangular building, cinder-block pillars, now are wrapped in full-figure icons of Saints Vladimir and Olga.

On a personal note, I must say I never imagined our church would have come this far in so short a time. When a parish is as small as ours, understandably people can and do become exhausted because of the lack of funds and the hard work it involves. Therefore, it was essential that we ask for help from outside our community. And the help quickly arrived from longtime friends of our parish – Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike. Before two weeks had passed, we had raised the sum needed to purchase the dome.

The photos one sees of majestic, golden cupolas being lifted by a crane and guided lovingly into place by the faithful workmen below are not what you will see in the attached photo-report. Unfortunately, the lift we wanted wasn’t working the day we had planned to rent it, so we had to use scaffolding instead. Of that, there were only three two-foot wide platforms available. This meant that our volunteers (including our priest and deacon) not only had to manually lift the dome up to the roof, they themselves had to climb or straddle the scaffolding while tugging, pushing and guiding the dome over their heads. The photos aren’t exactly “majestic.”

The possibility of the dome being dropped or falling over the edge and crashing onto the ground below was very real. By the intense prayers of everyone involved (and doubtlessly the aid of angelic arms) the dome was slowly and nail-bitingly raised and firmly attached.

We thank the Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese for asking us to share our story and our collection of photos with the Orthodox world at large. While our work is still not complete (and a second dome is already being discussed), we hope this will help inspire fledgling communities like ours. We are grateful to Metropolitan Hilarion, Bishop George, the Eastern American Diocese, and the ROCOR Fund for Assistance (FFA) for their prayers and continued support, as our parish grows to be a place of beauty and quiet refuge for those seeking the Traditional Orthodox Faith in the American South.

Please pray for us!

Matushka Anne Mancuso


-Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese

27 октября 2014 г. Колумбия, Юж. Каролина: “Никогда не думала, что наш храм преобразится за такое короткое время”

columbia.lg3_smallНа самом деле, купол, установленный на крыше православной церкви в нашем штате, не самый большой и не самый высокий, но, без сомнения, самый новый. С большинства улиц он не виден, и достопримечательностью центра города Колумбии в Южной Каролине не является, но в пригороде, на западе столицы штата, шестифутовый купол и шестифутовый крест, венчающие храм св. преподобномуч. Елизаветы, ярко сияют на утреннем солнце. Соседи, в большинстве своем пенсионеры и офисные работники, быстро стали обсуждать сияющие золотисто-голубые крест и купол на самом обычном здании 1970-х годов, принадлежавшего в одно время неденоминационной церкви. Несколько лет оно стояло пустым до того времени, пока его купила община РПЦЗ. И им оно понравилось.

Когда приход св. преподобномуч. Елизаветы (основанный 17 лет назад в гостиной моего дома) решил купить это здание, мы почти потеряли церковное помещение в бывшем демонстрационном зале магазина, хотя в то время об этом еще не знали. Наше внимание привлекло продававшееся здание, промыслительно отвечавшее всем нашим требованиям, включая стоянку, дополнительное небольшое здание, которое могло бы стать приходским залом с большой кухней, несколькими туалетными комнатами и, возможно, прилегающей землей, на которой можно было бы однажды построить настоящий храм.

Тем не менее, большие надежды каждого из нас стали таять, когда мы в первый раз вошли в церковь. Снаружи мы видели много возможностей, но когда зашли внутрь и увидели серо-голубой ковер, длинные ряды скамеек, неестественно яркие флуоресцентные лампочки на низком потолке, окна со странными вертикальными жалюзями, у нас было уже очень мало надежды на то, что нам удастся переоборудовать это темное помещение в храм, который достойно мог бы именоваться православным.

Вернусь назад. Среди нас был один человек, чей оптимизм заставлял всех нас думать о том, что он был слегка сумасшедшим. Этим человеком был мой муж – протоиерей Марк Манкюсо. Как только он сорвал конец ковра и увидел под ним почти идеальный дубовый пол, он уже не раздумывал.

Скамейки убрали, ковер сорвали и с окон убрали жалюзи. И тогда интерьер стал тем чистым листом, над которым можно уже было фантазировать. Были составлены планы построения иконостаса, нужно было пробить стену и устроить комнату для свечей, соорудить другую стену для притвора. Несмотря на бывшие сомнения, прихожане наконец-то начали видеть тот потенциал, который видел о. Марк.

Между тем днем и нынешним в этом месте произошли такие изменения, что соседи узнать не могли то помещение с чисто белыми стенами, которое они называли местной церковью. Входя в храм, каждый видел расписанные от пола до потолка стены, а в центр храма из окон струился свет. Сегодня в прямоугольном здании с колоннами из шлакоблоков, интересными с архитектурной точки зрения, мы видим написанные в полный рост иконы святых равноапостольных Владимира и Ольги.

Лично я хотела бы сказать, что никогда не думала, что наш храм преобразится за такое короткое время. Когда приход настолько мал, как наш, силы наших людей из-за недостатка средств и тяжелой работы, естественно, могут скоро истощиться. Поэтому мы и попросили помощи за пределами нашей общины. И помощь пришла скоро от многолетних друзей нашего прихода – как православных, так и неправославных. Не прошло и двух недель, как мы собрали сумму, необходимую для того, чтобы купить купол.

Фотографии поднятия прекрасных золотых куполов и то, как рабочие устанавливают их на место, это не то, что вы увидете ниже. К сожалению, подъемник, котрый мы хотели арендовать, не срабатывал в день установки куполов, поэтому мы использовали леса – три шириной два фута платформы. Это значит, что наши добровольцы, включая священника и диакона, не только вручную поднимали купол на крышу; им самим приходилось залазить на леса и в то же время над своими головами дергать, толкать и направлять купол. Фотографии этого процесса нельзя назвать “великолепными”.

Угроза того, что купол может упасть и разбиться о землю, была реальной. Но благодаря сильным молитвам всех присутствовавших (и, несомненно, помощи ангелов) купол был медленно и точно поднят и крепко установлен.

Мы благодарим пресс-службу Восточно-Американской епархии за то, что попросили нас рассказать православному миру об установке купола и поделиться соиими фотографиями. Хотя всю работу мы еще не закончили (и сейчас обсуждаем установку второго купола), но мы надеемся, что этот рассказ вдохновит такие же молодые общины, как наша. Мы благодарны Митрополиту Илариону, епископу Георгию, Восточно-Американской епархии, Попечительскому фонду о нуждах РПЦЗ за их молитвы и постоянную поддержку. Наш приход растет и становится прекрасным местом и тихим прибежищем для тех на американском Юге, кто ищет традиционную православную веру.

Просим ваших молитв!

Матушка Анна Манкюсо


-Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese

Russian Cupola Installed – Saturday, August 16, 2014

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, the parish installed a beautiful cupola and cross atop the church. The cupola and cross are the in the traditional Russian style with the cupola being in the so-called “onion” style with the cross being the traditional Orthodox three-bared cross. The cupola is blue adorned with gold leafed stars and the cross is in a gold finish. Many thanks go out to Deacon Columba, Subdeacon Antonius Baird, and Paul Witt for their efforts as they all spent most of that Saturday on the roof of the church. And God bless all the donors who gave to this wonderful project as, without them, this would not have been possible! Also, I might add, that however wonderful the pictures seem, they pale in comparison to seeing it in person. It’s a great witness in our community.
Glory to God for all things!

With much love in Christ,
Fr Mark

Please click on the image below to see pictures from the work day.

Dome 2

July 26, 2014 Columbia, SC: Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan leads Patronal Feast Day of St. Elizabeth the New-Martyr Church

On Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th of July, the feast of the martyric repose of the Venerable Nun-Martyrs Elizabeth and Barbara, His Grace, Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan, paid an archpastoral visit to St Elizabeth the New-Martyr Church in Columbia, SC and led its patronal feast day celebrations.

Bishop Nicholas served the All-Night Vigil on the eve of the feast, as well as the Liturgy on the morning of July 18. The services were co-served by parish rector Archpriest Mark Mancuso, Priest Job Watts (rector of St. Nektarios Church in Lenoir City, TN), Priest Richard Reed (cleric of St. Joseph of Optina Church in Virginia Beach, VA), Priest Alexis Baldwin (cleric of Holy Resurrection OCA Mission in North Augusta, SC), parish Deacon Columba Wilson, and Deacon Jeremiah Davis (cleric of Holy Cross Monastery in Wayne, WV).

During the Sixth Hour, Bishop Nicholas ordained parish Reader Antonius Baird a subdeacon. The new Subdeacon Antonius will continue his service at St. Elizabeth’s.

In his sermon, His Grace spoke about how St. Elizabeth turned a major tragedy in her life – the murder of her husband, Grand Duke Serge – into a blessing by accepting it as God’s will to draw her closer to Him, which she did by embracing the monastic life and dedicating her life to service of others in need. Bishop Nicholas encouraged the faithful to follow her example of following God’s call to draw closer to Him in light of any personal tragedies or setbacks we may have in our lives and resist the temptation to be bitter, cynical, and become angry with God.

Upon completion of the Liturgy, a short moleben was served to St. Elizabeth. Deacon Jeremiah then intoned the Polychronion for the archpastors, rector, clergy, parishioners, namesday celebrants, and all Orthodox Christians.

After the service, the clergy, parishioners, and guests gathered in St. John’s Parish Hall next to the church, where the Sisterhood had prepared a bountiful festal luncheon. Following the meal, Bishop Nicholas delivered a presentation to the parishioners on the life of Metropolitan Laurus. He stressed the importance of also following the example of Metropolitan Laurus’ simple yet disciplined way of life as way of accomplishing many God-pleasing things in our own lives.

Photos Available Here

В четверг 17го и пятницу 18го июля, в день празднования мученической кончины преподобномучч. Елизаветы и инокини Варвары, Преосвященнейший епископ Манхеттенский Николай нанес архипастырский визит в Св. Елизаветинский храм гор. Колумбия, шт. Юж. Каролина, и возглавил торжества по случаю престольного праздника.

Накануне праздника владыка Николай отслужил Всенощное бдение, а утром 18 июля – Божественную литургию. За богослужениями сослужили настоятель храма прот. Марк Манкюсо, иерей Иов Ваттс (настоятель храма свят. Нектария гор. Ленор-Сити, шт. Теннесси), иерей Ричард Рид (клирик храма преп. Иосифа Оптинского гор. Вирджиния-Бич, шт. Вирджиния), иерей Алексий Болдуин (клирик Воскресенской миссии ПЦА гор. Сев. Августа, шт. Юж.К.), приходской диак. Колумба Вильсон и диак. Иеремия Дэвис (клирик Крестовоздвиженского монастыря гор. Вейн, шт. Зап. Вирджиния).

Во время шестого часа епископ Николай посвятил приходского чт. Антония Байрда во иподиаконы. Новый ипод. Антоний будет продолжать свое служение в храме св. Елизаветы.

В своей проповеди Его Преосвященство рассказал о том, как главная трагедия в жизни св. Елизаветы – убийство ее мужа вел. кн. Сергия – превратилась в благословение, когда она приняла это событие как волю Божию и стала ближе к Богу, приняв монашеский постриг и посвятив свою жизнь служению нуждающимся. Владыка призвал верующих следовать ее примеру, следовать зову Божию и становиться ближе к Нему в свете личных трагедий и жизненных перемен, противостоять соблазну ожесточиться, стать циничными или обозлиться на Бога.

По завершении Литургии был отслужен краткий молебен преподобномуч. Елизавете. Затем диак. Иеремия провозгласил “Многая лета” архипастырям, настоятелю, духовенству, прихожанам, именинникам и всем православным христианам.

После службы духовенство, прихожане и гости собрались в расположенном рядом с храмом приходском зале им. свят. Иоанна Шанхайского, где сестричество приготовило обильный праздничный обед. После трапезы епископ Николай провел с прихожанами беседу о жизни Митрополита Лавра. Он особо напомнил о важности следовать примеру того простого, но, при этом, дисциплинированного стиля жизни владыки Лавра. Потому что это именно тот путь, следуя по которому, можно достигнуть многих богоугодных вещей в нашей жизни.

Photos Available Here

-Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese

San Francisco: Metropolitan Hilarion led the Consecration of Archimandrite Nicholas (Olhovsky) to the Episcopate

San Francisco: Metropolitan Hilarion led the Consecration of Archimandrite Nicholas (Olhovsky) to the Episcopate

On Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of June, the Cathedral of the Icon of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow” in San Francisco, CA played host to the national celebrations dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the glorification of the Holy Hierarch John of Shanghai & San Francisco. On Saturday at the All-Night Vigil, Archimandrite Nicholas (Olhovsky), guardian of the Protectress of the Russian Diaspora, the wonderworking Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God, underwent Nomination as Bishop of Manhattan, vicar of the Eastern American Diocese.

On Sunday, June 29, at the triumphal Divine Liturgy and in the presence of Hierarchs of the Russian Church Abroad, Moscow Patriarchate, and Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP), a multitude of clergy, and faithful from every corner of the U.S. and around the world, Archimandrite Nicholas was elevated to the episcopate. Later during the Divine Liturgy, the newly consecrated Bishop Nicholas ordained cathedral Subdeacon Athanasius Furgeson to the diaconate. The newly ordained Deacon Athanasius will fulfill his serve in Sts. Peter & Paul Church in Santa Rosa, CA.

Upon completion of the Liturgy, a moleben was served with a procession around the cathedral. In the presence of his brother-hierarchs, the Bishop of Manhattan was entrusted with the Hierarchal staff. Handing the newly consecrated Bishop the staff, Metropolitan Hilarion said, in part:

Your Grace, Bishop Nicholas, dear in the Lord Brother and Concelebrant!

By Divine Providence and through your election by the Council of Bishops of the Russian Church Abroad, you embark upon a new path in life and service. Through the laying on of hands, your personal Pentecost has taken place. On the day of the celebration of the saint whose uncorrupt relics abide here, St John the Wonderworker, you have joined the host of hierarchs of our dear and great Mother ‒ the Russian Church.

The Lord has prepared you for this important event since your childhood. You learned piety through the examples of your father and your late mother, who displayed for you a living image of life in Christ, rearing you in the spirit of the Church, in love for God and His saints. They infused you with love for the church and for divine services. From your youth, you came to love to make pilgrimages to holy sites, and especially to Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, whose seminary the Lord led you then to study in, and to serve Metropolitan Laurus of blessed memory. Here you became a witness not only of his personal monastic labors, but his glorious victory over the many years of division within the Russian Orthodox Church.

During today’s solemn services, St John, who, just before his departure into eternity, had held in his hands the Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God “of the Sign,” was called the “faithful servant of the Most Pure Protectress [Hodegetria].” After the repose of your spouse, God was pleased to place you in the service of the Most-Blessed Virgin, and you accompanied the Kursk-Root Icon, the Guide of the Russian diaspora, to the parishes, hospitals and homes of clergymen and believers of many dioceses of the united Russian Church. I believe that this obedience has brought you to the priestly service, and then to monasticism. These God-pleasing obediences ‒ those of the priesthood and of monasticism ‒ should be revealed fully in your archpastoral service through self-sacrificing love for your neighbor, the mortification of your “self,” the frequent pious celebration of divine services and prayer with your flock, through your care for your clergymen, parishes and parishioners, support of monastics, the preservation of the legacy of the Holy Fathers and of the traditions of the people, “that ye receive not the grace in vain” (II Cor. 6:1).

During these Lenten days that lead us to the feast day of the “chief among Apostles,” you have received the heavenly anointing, the flame-like grace of episcopacy. In establishing this Lenten period, the Church wished to encourage all mortals to direct their inner gaze at two remarkable persons ‒ the Chief Apostles Peter and Paul. It was once revealed to Saint Hermes, one of the Apostles, that the Lord builds a tower of living stones ‒ which is the Church ascending to the Heavens, to the abode of the eternal. It was these holy Apostles who were the foundation stones of this tower, of the Church of Christ. The goal of episcopal service is this: to emulate the Apostles and become a stone worthy of the Construction of our salvation. Not all stones are suitable for the building of the Church, but only those possessing the perfection of Apostolic Faith. Upon this zeal, and upon such faith, the Church of Christ is built. It is necessary to warm within yourself zeal and thirst for “the words of eternal life” (John 6:68), through prayer, self-restraint and active archpastoral service.

And now receive this staff as a symbol of your archpastoral responsibility for the People of God, ascend the cathedra of this grand cathedral church, and make your first blessing upon the people who fervently prayed for you during Divine Liturgy, and also upon the flock that eagerly awaits you, having shared spiritually in our celebration of your episcopal consecration.

On behalf of the Eastern American Diocese, Bishop Nicholas was presented with a custom embroidered cover for a hierarchal service book.

Also praying at the triumphal divine services were the participants of the XIII All-Diasporan Youth Conference, currently taking place in San Francisco.

So now, just as more than 60 years ago, St. John has united again and again thousands of the Orthodox faithful on the West Coast ‒ those of various nationalities and from different countries, both those who lifted up their zealous prayers to God ‒ for the preservation of the world and for their loved ones ‒ as well as those who were unable to be present for the great spiritual triumph.

Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese