Pre-Lenten Personal Checklist & Preliminary Lenten Resources

Pre-Lenten Personal Checklist & Preliminary Lenten Resources

Are you ready for the beginning of Great Lent? Here is a checklist.

  1. The meat and dairy in your house are (or about to be) used up.
  2. Prepare to make thorough confession of sins to be made early in Lent.
  3. Get a blessing from your priest about any adaptations to the fasting rules for Lent.
  4. Select Lenten reading material and (ideally) get it blessed by your priest in advance.
  5. Set a plan for charitable giving.
  6. Arrange time off with employer so that you (and your family) can attend the primary Holy Week services and Pascha. Plan to attend the special Lenten services, particularly during the 1st week of the Fast (Clean Week) and to attend the Liturgy of the Pre-sanctified Gifts as often as possible during Lent.
  7. Ask forgiveness of anyone with whom you have quarreled.
  8. Inquire with your priest about a daily Lenten prayer rule.

Here are some helpful resources:

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May God grant you a beautiful springtime of the Fast!