Tuesday, March 28, Visit of the Holy Icon of the Mother of God the Softener of Evil Hearts

On Tuesday, March 28, the Holy Icon of the Mother of God the Softener of Evil Hearts will be in the parish of
St Elizabeth the New Martyr Russian Orthodox Church
Reception of the Icon
6:30 PM
Akathist to the Icon
7:00 PM
On Tuesday, March 28, the myrrh-streaming and miracle-working icon of the Mother of God, Softener of Evil Hearts (Умягчение злых сердец), will be in the parish of St Elizabeth the New Martyr in West Columbia, SC.
This paper mounted icon, produced by the Sofrino icon factory in Moscow, began to stream myrrh during the glorification of the blessed Matrona of Moscow on May 2, 1999, after it had been placed on her holy relics. Since then, this icon has traveled all over the world. Many people have been healed of both physical and spiritual suffering, and given compunction to their hearts. The icon has been known to flow myrrh more abundantly prior to terrible world tragedies, such as the sinking of the Kursk submarine, the bombing of the Beslan school, and the attacks on 9/11.
All who desire to kiss the holy icon will be anointed with the myrrh which can often be seen trickling inside the glass and flowing from the face of the Mother of God.