Friday, April 19
6:30pm: Matins for Lazarus Saturday

Lazarus Saturday, April 20
8:30am: Baptism
9:40am: Hours & Liturgy
6:00pm: Vigil & Blessing of Palms

Palm Sunday, April 21
9:40am: Hours & Liturgy
12:00pm: Potluck Fish Meal
4:00pm: Bridegroom Matins

Holy Monday, April 22
6:30pm: Bridegroom Matins

Holy Tuesday, April 23
6:30pm: Bridegroom Matins

Holy Wednesday, April 24
6:30pm: Matins for Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday, April 25
10:00am: Vesperal Liturgy (Mystical Supper)
6:30pm: Matins w/ Passion Gospels

Holy Friday, April 26
9:00am: Royal Hours & Typika
3:00pm: Vespers w/ Taking Down from the Cross
6:30pm: Matins w/ Lamentations

Holy Saturday/Annunciation, April 27
10:00am: Vesperal Liturgy
1:00pm: Holy Saturday Lenten Meal

Saturday, April 27: 11:30pm – Midnight Office; Procession; Matins; Liturgy; Blessing of Baskets; Paschal Meal (Pascha service extends into the early morning hours of Sunday, April 28)

Pascha Sunday, April 28
2:00pm: Agape Vespers
3:00pm: Pascha Cookout & Egg Hunt