Lenten Quotations for the Fourth Week of Great Lent (from The Lenten Triodion)

Dear Brethren and Friends of St Elizabeth’s,

Attached to this post are some of the stichera (verses) from the services of Matins and Vespers for the third week of Great Lent. They are taken from The Lenten Triodion, which is the special liturgical book used during this season of the year for our worship and edification. The verses chosen focus on how fasting, prayer, and practicing the Christian virtues are essential for our spiritual lives, which is being “refocused” during Great Lent.

With much love in Christ,
Fr Mark

Monday of the Fourth Week of Great Lent:

“Cleansed by the grace of the Fast, let us in thanksgiving cry aloud with a pure mind unto Him who alone is pure: Thou hast given Thy blood for all of us, O Word, and Thou dost sanctify us by Thy Cross.”

“Reaching the middle of the forty days’ Fast, with eager hearts let us go forward with Christ to the divine Passion; that, crucified with Him, we may be sharers of His Resurrection.”

“O brethren, having come to the middle of the Fast, in good courage and with willing hearts let us complete with God’s help the part which still remains, that in great joy we may behold the Passover of the risen Christ.”

“Cleansed in soul and mind by the water of fasting, O ye faithful, let us embrace the lifegiving and divine Wood that is exalted before us all: for it is a fountain of forgiveness and heavenly light, a source of life and rejoicing.”

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Great Lent:

“Illumined in our souls through abstinence, let us venerate the saving Cross upon which Christ was nailed, and let us cry aloud to it: Hail the delight and sure help of those that fast; hail destroyer of the passions, adversary of devils; hail blessed Wood!”

“The inhabited earth venerates Thy Cross, O Lord, as the life of the creation, and it cries to Thee: By the operation of Thy Cross and through abstinence, keep in profound peace those who praise and bless Thee, O most merciful.”

“Beholding the Wood of the Cross shining brighter than the sun’s rays, let us now draw near, radiant with the lightning of the Fast. Let us kiss it, drawing from it the grace full of light that drives away the darkness, and let us exalt Christ above all for ever.”

Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Great Lent:

“The divine and precious Cross lies before us for our veneration, and it sanctifies the time of abstinence. Let us approach with a pure conscience: let us draw from it hallowing and enlightenment, and let us cry aloud with fear: Glory be to Thy compassion, O our Savior who lovest mankind.”

“Clothed in glory by the virtues and cleansed by abstinence, let us draw near and venerate the precious Cross, crying aloud: Sanctify our souls and bodies, O only God of all, and count us worthy to celebrate Thy most pure Passion, granting us Thy mercy.”

“The Fast that brings us blessings has now reached its midmost point: it has helped us to receive God’s grace in the days that are past, and it will bring us further benefit in the days still to come. For by continuing in what is right we attain yet greater gifts. We therefore cry to Christ, the Giver of all good: O Thou who for our sakes hast fasted and endured the Cross, make us worthy to share uncondemned in Thy divine Passover. May we spend our live in peace and rightly glorify Thee with the Father and the Spirit.”

Thursday of the Fourth Week of Great Lent:

“O Holy Cross, strength and glory of the apostles, today thou art exalted for the veneration of the whole of the inhabited earth; and thou givest to us the grace of sanctification, making the season of the Fast easy for us.”

“Moses foreshadowed the Cross when he stretched out his arms and defeated Amalek. Like him let us form a figure of the Cross, stretching out our arms in fasting and prayer, that so we may defeat the host of demons that in malicious envy continually make war against us.”

“Outstretched upon the Cross, Thou hast endured death, slaying death and raising up the dead by Thy lifegiving word. Therefore I entreat Thee: Bring back to life, O Lord, my soul that is dead through sin; grant me compunction and deliverance from evil during these Thy holy days of abstinence, for Thou lovest mankind.”

Friday of the Fourth Week of Great Lent:

“Sanctifying the season of abstinence, the precious Cross stands here before us. As we venerate it today, let us cry aloud: O Master who lovest mankind, with its aid grant us in compunction to pass through the remainder of the Fast, and so to behold Thy lifegiving Passion through which we are redeemed.”

“Let us wash our faces in the water of fasting and embrace the Wood on which Christ was lifted up. Taking our mortal flesh, He alone suffered for the sake of all, that He might put to death him who had made us die.”

“He who is outside time has taken flesh within time, and in His love He heals our long-continuing passions through the season of fasting, during which the divine Cross is set before us for our sanctification.”