Paschal Joy from the Pentecostarion – Spiritually Edifying Quotations for the Week of the Myrrh-Bearing Women

Dear Brethren and Friends of St Elizabeth’s,
Christ is risen! Indeed, He is risen!
Христосъ воскресе! Воистину воскресе!
Attached to this post are some of the stichera (verses) from the services of Matins and Vespers for Myrrh-Bearing Women Week. They are taken from The Pentecostarion, which is the special liturgical book used during this season of the year – Pascha through All Saints –  for our worship and edification. The verses chosen focus on the glorious resurrection of Our Lord and how His resurrection changes our humanity and the very fabric of Creation.
With much love in Christ,
Fr Mark

Week of the Myrrh-Bearing Women

Monday of the Myrrh-bearers:

“Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to the tomb, seeking The Lord. And they beheld an Angel as though he were lightening, sitting upon the stone, and saying unto them: why do ye seek the Living among the dead? He is risen as He said; ye shall find Him in Galilee. And let us cry out to Him: O Thou Who didst arise from the dead, Lord, glory to Thee.”

“Noble Joseph, we know thee to be a cherubic chariot, since thou didst bear Christ the King in thine arms when thou didst remove Him from the hallowed tree of the Cross. For this cause we do bless thy hands; thine eyes do we honor; thy worshipful palms do we now venerate with awe. For thou wast deemed worthy to carry to His tomb the Word, even Christ God. Therefore, we acclaim thy godly memory.”

Tuesday of the Myrrh-bearers:

“The myrrh-bearers, having risen early and beheld the sepulcher empty, said unto the Apostles: The Mighty One hath put down corruption, and he hath carried off them that were held bound in Hades; proclaim ye with boldness that Christ the Lord is risen, granting the world great mercy.”

“There doth shine upon the world today the threefold Resplendence which taketh away the passions’ dark gloom. Christ’s arising shineth, guarding all them that believe. The Apostles’ ranks dance for joy, and Joseph exulteth, for the myrrh-bearers’ radiant memory doth crown those who faithfully hymn them and who render glory and praise to the divine arising of the Word of God.”

Wednesday of the Myrrh-bearers:

Grieving, the myrrh-bearing women who followed Christ cried out: Is the Savior still to be found with the dead? Is the great noetic Sun beneath the earth till now? Hath He risen as he foretold? But while they were weeping, from the tomb an Angel spake to them of godly joy, saying: Christ the Lord hath arisen; hasten now, proclaim unto all men His divine arising from the sepulcher.”

“Thou most blessed Joseph, dost now bear on thy shoulders as on a chariot God the Word, even Christ, Who doth rest upon the shoulders of the Cherubim. He that formerly took on flesh accepteth to die now, even He that giveth life to us who once were dead. Therefore, with the honored myrrh-bearers, thou rejoicest at His arising, though not long past thou with them didst mourn His death.”

Thursday of the Myrrh-bearers:

“Before Thy conception, O Lord, an Angel brought the greeting, Rejoice, to her that is full of grace; and, at Thy Resurrection, an Angel rolled away the stone of Thy glorious tomb. The one, instead of sorrow, announced the tokens of gladness. The other, instead of death, proclaimed the life-giving Master unto us. Wherefore, we cry unto Thee: O Benefactor of all, Lord, glory to Thee.”

“Why do ye mingle tears with the myrrh-oils, O ye women disciples? The stone hath been rolled away, the sepulcher is empty. Behold corruption trodden under by Life, the seals bearing clear witness, the guards of the disobedient fast asleep. Mortal nature is saved by the flesh of God, Hades is lamenting. Hasten ye with joy, and say unit the Apostles: Christ, the First-born from the dead, Who caused death to die, goeth before you into Galilee.”

Friday of the Myrrh-bearers:

“In fulfillment of that clear command spoken by the most godly Angel, the women bearing myrrh-oils told the sacred and divine disciples of Christ our God that the King Who had died for us had utterly vanquished, through His Resurrection, darkest Hades and His realm. Thus they who had formerly marveled at the Angel’s brilliant, white raiment granted the Apostles endless joy divine.”

Saturday of the Myrrh-bearers:

“When he took Thee dead from off of the Tree, the Arimethaean prepared Thee with the finest linen and myrrh that might give burial to Thee, the Life of all. Then, compelled by his fervent love, he longed to embrace Thee and press Thy spotless Body to his heart and lips. But his fear and reverence restrained him, whilst with joy he cried to Thee: Glory to Thy condescension, O Thou Friend of man.”

“Not having hindered the stone of the tomb from bearing sealed, Thou, on Thine arising, hast granted the rock of faith unto all. O Lord, glory to Thee.”

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