Paschal Joy from the Pentecostarion – Spiritually Edifying Quotations for Thomas Week

Dear Brethren and Friends of St Elizabeth’s,

Christ is risen! Indeed, He is risen!

Христосъ воскресе! Воистину воскресе!

Attached to this post are some of the stichera (verses) from the services of Matins and Vespers for Thomas Week. They are taken from The Pentecostarion, which is the special liturgical book used during this season of the year – Pascha through All Saints –  for our worship and edification. The verses chosen focus on the glorious resurrection of Our Lord and how His resurrection changes our humanity and the very fabric of Creation.

With much love in Christ,
Fr Mark

Paschal Joy from the Pentecostarion – Thomas Week

Monday of Thomas Week:

“On beholding Thee, Thomas was struck with awe and astonishment; and, on recognizing Thee, O Almighty One, he cried: My God and my Lord art Thou. O Friend of man, I believe that Thou art He Who endured that dread Passion and Who doth heal our impassioned souls. Thus, I worship Thy power and proclaim unto Thy Resurrection, Thine awesome Rising, omnipotent.”

“As the disciples were in doubt, the Savior came on the eight day to where they were gathered and granted them peace, and cried unto Thomas: Come, O Apostle, and feel the palms in which they fastened the nails. O good unbelief of Thomas, which hath lead the hearts of the faithful to knowledge! Hence he cried out with fear: O my Lord and my God, glory to Thee.”

Tuesday of Thomas Week:

“The women rose up early and came to the Lord’s tomb, and when they beheld there the Angel, they trembled in amazement. The tomb became radiant with life; the marvel filled the women with great awe. Thus they went to the disciples and they declared the rising of the Mighty One: Christ alone despoiled Hades with his strength; all those in corruption hath he raised, freeing them from fear of blame and reproach through the Cross’ might.”

“With harmonious praises let us acclaim in song on this, his holy memorial, the Apostle of Christ. In a God-befitting manner he confirmed our minds and the true Faith throughout the world when he handled the nail wounds, for he sought to have a sure faith. And he beseecheth the Savior the He have mercy on our ailing souls.”

Wednesday of Thomas Week:

“Leaving not the Father’s bosom, Thou didst appear on earth bearing flesh in Thy great compassion, O Christ. And freely accepting both to suffer and to die, on the third day Thou didst arise. And then Thou didst enter while the doors were shut, since Thou art God omnipotent. Wherefore, when he touched Thy divine side, Thomas stood rejoicing in wonder, glorifying Thee as Lord and Fashioner.”

“Pascha is this present holy Feast; mystic and divine, sacred Pascha: the saving Pascha of God; Pascha which conveyeth us unto immortal life. Lo, this Pascha doth take away all sadness and sorrow. Pascha, which doth grant to the disciples joyous grace! Wherefore, Thomas cried with rejoicing: Thou art my God and Lord, O Savior, Who hast carried off the spoils from Hades’ realms.”

Thursday of Thomas Week:

“When with his probing right hand Thomas felt the Word’s wounded limbs, his unbelief established the world-saving Arising for the world’s assurance; for the God-man, in His great love for all mankind, arose from Hades’ abysses and thus destroyed all its strength as the Almighty One.”

“Jesus came unto the disciples while the doors were shut, and granted them peace and fearlessness. Then He saith unto Thomas: Why believest thou not that I have arisen from the dead? Bring hither thy hand and place it in My side, and see; because thou hast disbelieved, all have learned of My Passion and Resurrection, and they shall all cry out with thee: O my Lord and my God, glory to Thee.”

Friday of Thomas Week:

“This illustrious festive day is the day which The Lord hath made; let us all be glad and rejoice herein with joy. For lo, the Giver of Life is risen; Hades hath been despoiled. And the apostolic choir hear the tidings of joy today, while the doubting one, even Thomas, hath touched the Master’s side and by this touching hath proclaimed Christ to be of two natures, God and man.”

Saturday of Thomas Week:

“When they camest together, assembling upon Sion, the disciples hid themselves, fearing the malice of the Hebrews. And though the doors had been fastened shut, O Good One, Thou didst enter bringing joy. Thou didst show to them the wounds in Thy most pure side and in Thy most holy hands. Thou didst say unto Thomas in doubt: Stretch thy hand forth and examine Me. See thou that I Myself am He that suffered on thine account.”

“The soldiers standing guard at Thy tomb, O my Savior, became as dead when they saw the lightening-like Angel who preached to the women of Thine arising, O holy Lord. Thee we glorify, Who hast abolished corruption; Thee do we adore, Who from the grave hast arisen, and Who alone art our God.”

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