Paschal Joy: Quotations for the Week of the Blind Man & the Ascension from The Pentecostarion

Dear Brethren & Friends of St Elizabeth’s,

At the bottom of this post are some of the stichera (verses) from the services of Matins and Vespers for the week of the Blind Man and the Ascension. They are taken from the Pentecostarion, which is the special liturgical book used during these season of the year – Pascha through the Sunday of All Saints – for our worship and edification. The verses chosen focus on the glorious resurrection of Our Lord and how His resurrection changers our humanity and the very fabric of Creation.

With much love in Christ,

Fr Mark

Monday of the Blind Man:  

“With his whole soul and mind and his tongue, the man who in times not long past had been blind confessed the One Who had fashioned eyes for him out of spittle and clay and enabled him to see as all men do. He preached that He is the Lord and Creator of all that is, Who through compassion for the creature which He had made became mortal man, though He is God omnipotent, Since they could not endure to hear his words and to see his zeal, the wretched scribes in their malice had him expelled from the synagogue, for the fearful blindness which possessed their souls surpassed that which once possessed his eyes.”

“O Christ God, Thou spiritual Sun of Righteousness, Who by Thine own immaculate touch didst bestow a twofold enlightenment upon him that from his mother’s womb was deprived of sight, illumine Thou the eyes of our souls also, and prove us to be sons of the day, that we may cry to Thee with faith: Great and ineffable is Thy compassion toward us, O Friend of man; glory to Thee.”

Tuesday of the Blind Man:

“O Christ God, Who by Thy bowels of mercy was incarnate, with Thy fingers which fashioned all things Thou didst touch clay to the eyes of him who from the womb was bereft of sight and didst thereby deem him worthy of divine brilliance by Thine ineffable bowels of compassions. And now do Thou Thyself, O Bestower of light, illumine also the senses of our souls, since Thou alone art the bountiful Bestower of gifts.”

“Who can tell of Thy mighty acts, O Christ, or who can number the multitudes of Thy wonders? For even as Thou, in Thy goodness, didst appear on earth twofold of nature, so didst Thou grant twofold healings to the sick: for Thou didst open not only the bodily eyes of the man who was blind from the womb, but those of his soul also. Wherefore, he confessed Thee, the hidden God, Who grantest great mercy unto all.”

Friday of Ascension:

“Today the hosts on high, beholding our nature in the Heavens, marvel at the strange manner of its ascent, and, being perplexed, they said to another: Who is this that cometh? And when they saw it was their own Master, they were commanded to lift up the heavenly gates. With them we ceaselessly praise Thee, Who again shalt come from thence in the flesh, since Thou art the Judge of all and Almighty God.”

“O new and wondrous deed! Lo, mortal human nature ascendeth to the Heavens; for it is now made one with the Word, Who is Almighty God.”