Paschal Joy: Quotations for the Week of the Samaritan Woman from The Pentecostarion

Dear Brethren and Friends of St Elizabeth’s,
Christ is risen!
At the bottom of this post are some of the stichera (verses) from the services of Matins and Vespers for the week of the Samaritan Woman. They are taken from The Pentecostarion, which is the special liturgical book used during this season of the year – Pascha through All Saints –  for our worship and edification. The verses chosen focus on the glorious resurrection of Our Lord and how His resurrection changes our humanity and the very fabric of Creation.
With much love in Christ,
Fr Mark

Monday of the Samaritan Woman:

“Christ, the Bestower of wisdom, the Giver of good things, Who poureth forth divine streams from a spring that doth not cease, crieth out: Come unto Me, all ye that thirst; draw the water of Life, and drink. And thus shall rivers of graces and godly gifts issue freely from within yourselves.”

Tuesday of the Samaritan Woman:

“Thou, O Savior, dost pour out for all the world living waters of wisdom and endless life, inviting all to partake and to drink of these saving streams; for the man who receiveth

and keepeth Thy holy law thereby quencheth the coals of dark error and fallacy. Wherefore, he shall not thirst to the ages, O Master, nor fail to be filled with Thee, King of Heaven, Thou sovereign Lord. For this cause do we glorify Thy power and Thy might, O Christ God, asking that forgiveness of our many sins be granted in all abundance unto us.”

Wednesday of the Samaritan Woman:

“At the well, Christ met the woman of Samaria. He asked her for water the He might partake thereof. He thirsted for her amendment and for her salvation, which was fulfilled and made known in very deed. To this end He drew unto Himself this woman who drew up water that He might drink. And thus He filled with the draught of life her that told those in the town; Lo, the One spoken in Moses’ Law, the Messiah and Christ, hath appeared as man, and hath made known the secrets of my hidden and unspoken thoughts.”

Thursday of the Samaritan Woman:

“By Jacob’s Well, Jesus found the Samaritan woman. He that covers the earth with clouds asked water of her, O wonder! He that rideth on the Cheribum speaketh with a harlot woman. He asked for water, Who suspended the earth upon the waters. He seeketh water, Who causeth springs and pools of waters to flow forth, for He wished to draw to Himself her that was truly ensnared by the contending enemy, and to impart the water of life unto her that was sorely inflamed with unseemly deeds, for He alone is compassionate and the Friend of man.”

Friday of the Samaritan Woman:

“At the sixth hour the Well-spring of miracles came to the well to capture the fruit of Eve, for Eve at this same hour departed from Paradise through the deceit of the serpent. The Samaritan woman, therefore, drew nigh to draw water, and the Savior, upon seeing her, said to her: Give Me water to drink, and I shall fill thee with living water. And running to the city, that prudent woman at once announces to the multitudes: Come, behold Christ The Lord, the Savior of our souls.”

Saturday of the Samaritan Woman:

“The Well-spring of the principle of life, Jesus the Savior, came to the well of the Patriarch Jacob, and sought water from a Samaritan woman that He might drink. And when she addressed Him and said that the Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans, the wise Creator diverted her by the sweetness of His words rather to seek of Him the everlasting water, which, when she received it, she proclaimed to all, saying: Come and see the Knower of the things hidden, God Who is come in the fresh to save man.”